Lysis and biological control of Aspergillus niger by Bacillus subtilis AF 1

Canadian Journal of Microbiology
Appa Rao Podile, A P Prakash


A biocontrol rhizobacterial strain of Bacillus subtilis AF 1 grown for 6 h was coinoculated with Aspergillus niger at different time intervals and microscopic observations revealed adherence of bacterial cells to the fungal mycelium. Bacterial cells multiplied in situ and colonized the mycelial surface. Growth of AF 1 resulted in damage to the cell wall, followed by lysis. AF 1 inoculation into media containing A. niger at 0, 6, and 12 h suppressed > 90% fungal growth, while in 18- and 24-h cultures fungal growth inhibition was 70 and 56%, respectively, in terms of dry weight. In dual culture the fungal growth was not accompanied by formation of spores. The mycelial preparation of A. niger as principal carbon source supported the growth of B. subtilis, as much as chitin. Extracellular protein precipitate from B. subtilis culture filtrate had a significant growth-retarding effect on A. niger. Groundnut seeds bacterized with B. subtilis showed a reduced incidence of crown rot in a niger infested soil, suggesting a possible role of A. subtilis in biological control of A. niger.


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