Apr 23, 2020

RiboDiPA: A novel tool for differential pattern analysis in Ribo-seq data

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K. LiJi-Ping Wang


Ribosome profiling (also known as Ribo-seq) has become an important technique to investigate changes in translation across a wide variety of contexts. Ribo-seq data not only provides the abundance of ribosomes bound to transcripts, but also positional information across transcripts that could be indicative of differences in translation dynamics between conditions. While many computational tools exist for the analysis of Ribo-seq data, including those that assess differences in translational efficiency between conditions, no tool currently exists for rigorous test of the pattern differences in ribosome footprint. In this paper we propose a novel approach together with an R package, RiboDiPA, for Differential Pattern Analysis of Ribo-seq data. RiboDiPA allows for quick identification of genes with statistically significant differences in ribosome occupancy patterns for model organisms ranging from yeast to mammals. We show that differential pattern analysis reveals information that is distinct and complimentary to the existing methods that focus on translational efficiency analysis. Using both simulated Ribo-seq footprint data and two benchmark data sets, we illustrate that RiboDiPA can not only uncover meaningful global translat...Continue Reading

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