Jan 1, 1980

Management of the pregnant, insulin-dependent diabetic woman

Diabetes Care
L Jovanovic, C M Peterson


An intensive care program was offered to all insulin-dependent, pregnant diabetic women who presented to The New York Hospital Obstetrical Clinic in their eighth week or less of gestation. The patients were hospitalized for 1 wk to normalize their blood glucose and to teach the technique of self-monitored glucose determination, diet and exchange lists, and the method to titrate insulin according to the blood glucose determination. The mean blood glucose for the first 10 patients accepted to the program was 169 mg/dl at the start of the program with a mean hemoglobin A1c of 9.4% for the group (normal < 5.5%) and glucosuria up to 50 g/24 h. After discharge, mean glucose was 91 mg/dl, and urinary glucose excretion was 1.4 g/24 h. HbA1c fell into the normal range 5 wk after normoglycemia was achieved (3.4%) (nl < 5.5%). Normoglycemia was maintained as outpatients until 3 wk before delivery when the patients were readmitted for tests of fetal well-being. Mean weight gain for the mothers was 12.2 kg. Mean glucose at delivery was 87 mg/dl and HbA1c was 3%. Hormonal profiles (hCG, hPRL, estrogens, progesterone, hPL) normalized after normoglycemia was achieved and remained normal until delivery. Mean gestational age at time of delivery ...Continue Reading

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