DOI: 10.1101/508861Dec 31, 2018Paper

MARK2/Par1b present at retraction fibres corrects spindle off-centering induced by actin disassembly

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Madeleine HartViji M. Draviam


Tissue maintenance requires adequate cell proliferation and a directed plane of cell division. While it is clear that the division-plane can be determined by retraction fibres that direct spindle movements, the components of retraction fibres that direct spindle movements are poorly understood. We report MARK2/Par1b kinase as a novel component of actin-rich retraction fibres, important for directed spindle movements. A kinase-dead mutant of MARK2 reveals the ability of MARK2 to monitor actin status. MARK2 localisation at actin-rich retraction fibres, but not the rest of the cortical membrane or centrosome, is dependent on its activity, highlighting a specialised spatial regulation of MARK2. By subtly perturbing the actin cytoskeleton, we demonstrate MARK2 has a role in correcting spindle off-centering, induced by actin disassembly. In addition to this mitotic role, we show MARK2 has a post-mitotic role in ensuring normal G1-S transition and cell proliferation. We propose that MARK2 provides a molecular framework to integrate cortical signals and cytoskeletal changes in both mitosis and interphase.

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