DOI: 10.1101/472746Nov 19, 2018Paper

Massively parallel profiling of HIV-1 resistance to the fusion inhibitor enfuvirtide

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Adam S DingensJesse D Bloom


Resistance to enfuvirtide, the only clinically approved HIV-1 entry inhibitor, has primarily been mapped to the binding site in the N-terminal heptad repeat (NHR) of the Env transmembrane domain and a limited number of allosteric sites. To better delineate the genotypic determinants of resistance, we used deep mutational scanning to quantify how all mutations to HIV-1 Env affect enfuvirtide sensitivity. We identified numerous additional resistance mutations in the NHR and other regions of Env, including the co-receptor binding site. This complete map of resistance sheds light on the diverse mechanisms of enfuvirtide resistance and can inform clinical monitoring of patients.

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Genes, env
Membrane Fusion
Terminal Repeat Sequences
Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 antibody
Gene Mutation
Monitoring - Action

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