PMID: 38671Sep 1, 1979

Mechanical properties and functions of the myoepithelium in the eccrine sweat gland

The American Journal of Physiology
K SatoM Kobayashi


Contractile properties of an isolated segment of the secretory coil of the monkey palm eccrine sweat gland were studied in vitro with a transducer. Contraction of up to 10 mgf was induced with acetylcholine but not with alpha or beta adrenergic agonists, caffeine, prostaglandin E1, or by a calcium ionophore A23187. Other features included K+ contracture, staircase effect, poor extensibility, length-tension relationship with a peak tensile response at 115--120% of the resting length, and requirement of Ca2+. The function of myoepithelium is unlikely to expulse the preformed sweat because the amount of preformed sweat is small, K+-contracture failed to expulse sweat, and because myoepithelial contraction was not induced by such stimulants of sweat secretion as A23187, phenylephrine, isoproterenol, and prostaglandin E1. The maximal transverse tension of 20 mgf during acetylcholine stimulation under resting tension was calculated to support the luminal hydrostatic pressure of approximately 500 mmHg. Thus the function of the myoepithelium may be to render structural support for the secretory epithelium.


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