PMID: 38467Jan 1, 1978

Mechanism of S-(carboxymethylthio)cysteine cleavage by rat liver cystathionine-gamma-lyase

Physiological Chemistry and Physics
K YaoY Watanabe


Rat liver cystathionine-gamma-lyase [L-cystathionine cysteinelyase (deaminating), EC] catalyzes the formation of pyruvic acid, ammonia, and carboxymethylhydrodisulfide from S-(carboxymethylthio)cysteine (CMTC). As judged by pyruvic acid production, the optimal pH is 8.3 in tris-HCl buffer and the Km is 2.9 mM. A possible mechanism of CMTC cleavage by cystathionase is proposed.

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