PMID: 10070210Mar 10, 1999

Mechanosensitivity as an integrative system in heart: an audit

Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology
M J Lab


This review examines a manifold of apparently loosely linked observations and mechanisms, from membrane to man, and assembles them to support the notion that mechanoelectric transduction is an integrative regulatory system in the heart. For this, the assemblage has to satisfy, at least to some extent, criteria that apply to other integrative regulatory systems such as the endocrine and nervous systems. The integrative effectors in the endocrine system are chemical linkages, circulating hormones: in the nervous system the linkage is a network of cables, nerve conduction and neurotransmitters. Mechanical integration is would be effected through mechanical machinery, cardiac contractile and hydraulic function with attendant stress and strain transmitted via "tensegrity". This can, through the cytoskeleton, begin with membrane integrins and transmit intracellularly for example via F actins to reach the rest of the membranous integrins. Further transmission to the organ is via cell-to-cell adhesion complexes and the extracellular matrix. This tensegrity facilitates integration of force and strain changes from area to area. In consequence, and analogous to the neurendocrine system, mechanoelectric transduction should, and does (1) op...Continue Reading


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