Apr 28, 2020

Roles for the RNA polymerase III regulator MAFR-1 in regulating sperm quality in Caenorhabditis elegans

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A. M. Hammerquist, Sean P. Curran


The negative regulator of RNA polymerase (pol) III mafr-1 has been shown to affect RNA pol III transcript abundance, lipid biosynthesis and storage, progeny output, and lifespan. We deleted mafr-1 from the Caenorhabditis elegans genome and found that animals lacking mafr-1 replicated many phenotypes from previous RNAi-based studies, but strikingly not the oocyte-related reproductive phenotypes. Utilizing a yeast two-hybrid assay, we discovered several novel interactors of MAFR-1 that are expressed in a sperm- and germline-enriched manner. In support of a role for MAFR-1 in the male germline, we found mafr-1 null males have smaller spermatids that are less capable in competition for fertilization; a phenotype that was dependent on RNA pol III activity. Restoration of MAFR-1 expression specifically in the germline rescued the spermatid-related phenotypes, suggesting a cell autonomous role for MAFR-1 in nematode male fertility. Based on the high degree of conservation of Maf1 activity across species, our study may inform similar roles for Maf1 and RNA pol III in mammalian male fertility.

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