DOI: 10.1101/518647Jan 11, 2019Paper

MetFish: A Metabolomics Platform for Studying Microbial Communities in Chemically Extreme Environments

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Chengdong XuTom O Metz


Metabolites have essential roles in microbial communities, including as mediators of nutrient and energy exchange, cell-to-cell communication, and antibiosis. However, detecting and quantifying metabolites and other chemicals in samples having extremes in salt or mineral content using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS)-based methods remains a significant challenge. Here we report a facile method based on in situ chemical derivatization followed by extraction for analysis of metabolites and other chemicals in hypersaline samples, enabling for the first time direct LC-MS-based exo-metabolomics analysis in sample matrices containing up to 2 molar total dissolved salts. The method, MetFish, is applicable to molecules containing amine, carboxylic acid, carbonyl, or hydroxyl functional groups, and can be integrated into either targeted or untargeted analysis pipelines. In targeted analyses, MetFish provided limits of quantification as low as 1 nM, broad linear dynamic ranges (up to 5-6 orders of magnitude) with excellent linearity, and low median inter-day reproducibility (e.g. 2.6%). MetFish was successfully applied in targeted and untargeted exo-metabolomics analyses of microbial consortia, quantifying amino acid dynam...Continue Reading

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