Method to reconstruct neuronal action potential train from two-photon calcium imaging

Journal of Biomedical Optics
Tingwei QuanShaoqun Zeng


Identification of a small population of neuronal action potentials (APs) firing is considered essential to discover the operating principles of neuronal circuits. A promising method is to indirectly monitor the AP discharges in neurons from the recordings their intracellular calcium fluorescence transients. However, it is hard to reveal the nonlinear relationship between neuronal calcium fluorescence transients and the corresponding AP burst discharging. We propose a method to reconstruct the neuronal AP train from calcium fluorescence diversifications based on a multiscale filter and a convolution operation. Results of experimental data processing show that the false-positive rate and the event detection rate are about 10 and 90%, respectively. Meanwhile, the APs firing at a high frequency up to 40 Hz can also be successfully identified. From the results, it can be concluded that the method has strong power to reconstruct a neuronal AP train from a burst firing.


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