Mar 6, 2007

Might there be a link between mannose binding lectin and vitiligo?

European Journal of Dermatology : EJD
Huseyin OnaySacide Pehlivan


Mannose binding lectin (MBL) is a calcium dependent lectin that causes predisposition to infections and autoimmune diseases. This study aimed to examine the presence of any association between MBL2 gene variants and vitiligo. Codon 54 (allele B) and codon 57(allele C) polymorphisms in the exon 1 of the MBL2 gene were investigated in samples belonged to 50 healthy controls and 40 patients diagnosed as vitiligo. The PCR-RFLP method was used to investigate the polymorphisms in the MBL2 gene. Codon 57 polymorphism was not detected in any of the subjects from either group. The frequencies of low level MBL2 genotypes for codon 54 (AB and BB) polymorphisms were found to be significantly higher in the patient group compared to controls (37.5% vs. 6%) (p < 0.001). B allele frequency was also significantly higher in the patient group (20%) compared to the control group (3%). These results suggested that codon 54 polymorphism in the MBL2 gene may play a role in susceptibility to vitiligo.

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