Mild Cognitive Impairment and Donepezil Impact Mitochondrial Respiratory Capacity in Skeletal Muscle.

Jill K MorrisJ. P. Thyfault


Alzheimer's Disease (ad) associates with insulin resistance and low aerobic capacity, suggestive of impaired skeletal muscle mitochondrial function. However, this has not been directly measured in AD. This study ( n  = 50) compared muscle mitochondrial respiratory function and gene expression profiling in cognitively healthy older adults (CH; n = 24) to 26 individuals in the earliest phase of ad-related cognitive decline, mild cognitive impairment (MCI; n  = 11) or MCI taking the ad medication donepezil (MCI + med; n  = 15). Mitochondrial respiratory kinetics were measured in permeabilized muscle fibers from muscle biopsies of the vastus lateralis. Untreated MCI exhibited lower lipid-stimulated skeletal muscle mitochondrial respiration (State 3, ADP-stimulated) than both CH ( P = .043) and MCI + med (P = .007) groups. MCI also exhibited poorer mitochondrial coupling control compared to CH (P = .014). RNA sequencing of skeletal muscle revealed unique differences in mitochondrial function and metabolism genes based on both MCI status (CH vs MCI) and medication treatment (MCI vs MCI + med). MCI + med modified over 600 skeletal muscle genes compared to MCI suggesting donepezil powerfully impacts the transcriptional profile of muscl...Continue Reading

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