DOI: 10.1101/503474Dec 21, 2018Paper

Mitochondrial cristae biogenesis coordinates with ETC complex IV assembly during Drosophila maturation

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Yi-fa JiangChi-Yu Fu


Mitochondrial cristae contain electron transport chain complexes and are distinct from the inner boundary membrane (IBM) in both protein composition and function. While many details of mitochondrial membrane structure are known, the processes governing cristae biogenesis, including the organization of lipid membranes and assembly of nuclear and mitochondrial encoded proteins, remain obscure. We followed cristae biogenesis in situ upon Drosophila eclosion using serial-section electron tomography and revealed that the morphogenesis of lamellar cristae coordinates with ETC complex IV assembly. The membrane morphogenesis and functionalization were intricately co-evolved during cristae biogenesis. Marf-knockdown flies formed mitochondria of smaller sizes and reduced cristae content but organized lamellar cristae containing ATP synthase and functional COX. Instead, OPA1-knockdown flies had impaired cristae biogenesis and mitochondria function. We showed the ultrastructural localization of OPA1 in the cristae besides IBM that supports its functions in mediating cristae remodeling and inner membrane fusion. Overall, this study revealed the multilevel coordination of protein-coupled membrane morphogenesis in building functional cristae.

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