DOI: 10.1101/453258Oct 25, 2018Paper

Modeling Edar expression reveals the hidden dynamics of tooth signaling center patterning

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Alexa SadierSophie Pantalacci


The generation of patterns during development is generally viewed as a direct process. In the mouse jaw, however, the sequential patterning of molars initiates with abortive tooth signaling centers called MS and R2, thought to be vestiges of the lost rodent premolars. Moreover, the mature signaling center of the first molar (M1) is formed from the fusion of two signaling centers (R2 and early M1). Here, we report that Edar expression reveals the hidden dynamics of signalling centers patterning. First, Edar expression evidenced a hidden two-step patterning process that we modelled with a single activator-inhibitor pair: the epithelium is initially broadly activated, then activation becomes restricted in space to give rise to the signalling centers. Second, Edar expression unveils successive phases of pattern making and pattern erasing events, a phenomenon that we called a developmental palimpsest. MS is erased by a broad activation for the benefit of R2, which itself is erased before it recovers when the first molar signaling center forms. In the lower but not the upper jaw, the two neighboring signaling centers then fuse into a single elongated center. Our model recapitulated the erasure of the R2 signaling center by the wave o...Continue Reading

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