Modelling and analysis of gene regulatory networks

Nature Reviews. Molecular Cell Biology
Guy Karlebach, Ron Shamir


Gene regulatory networks have an important role in every process of life, including cell differentiation, metabolism, the cell cycle and signal transduction. By understanding the dynamics of these networks we can shed light on the mechanisms of diseases that occur when these cellular processes are dysregulated. Accurate prediction of the behaviour of regulatory networks will also speed up biotechnological projects, as such predictions are quicker and cheaper than lab experiments. Computational methods, both for supporting the development of network models and for the analysis of their functionality, have already proved to be a valuable research tool.


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Femoral Neoplasms are bone tumors that arise in the femur. Discover the latest research on femoral neoplasms here.

STING Receptor Agonists

Stimulator of IFN genes (STING) are a group of transmembrane proteins that are involved in the induction of type I interferon that is important in the innate immune response. The stimulation of STING has been an active area of research in the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. Here is the latest research on STING receptor agonists.

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