May 3, 2020

The TRF2 General Transcription Factor Is a Key Regulator of Cell Cycle Progression

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Insuk LeeTamar Juven-Gershon


TRF2 (TATA-box-binding protein-related factor 2) is an evolutionarily conserved general transcription factor that is essential for embryonic development of Drosophila melanogaster, C. elegans, zebrafish and Xenopus. Nevertheless, the cellular processes that are regulated by TRF2 are largely underexplored. Here, using Drosophila Schneider cells as a model, we discovered that TRF2 regulates cell cycle progression. Using flow cytometry, high-throughput microscopy and advanced imaging-flow cytometry, we demonstrate that TRF2 knockdown regulates cell cycle progression and exerts distinct effects on G1 and specific mitotic phases. RNA-seq analysis revealed that TRF2 regulates the expression of Cyclin E and the mitotic cyclins, Cyclin A, Cyclin B and Cyclin B3, but not Cyclin D or Cyclin C. To identify proteins that could account for the observed regulation of these cyclin genes, we searched for TRF2-interacting proteins. Interestingly, mass spectrometry analysis of TRF2-containing complexes identified GFZF, a nuclear glutathione S-transferase implicated in cell cycle regulation, and Motif 1 binding protein (M1BP). Furthermore, available ChIP-exo data revealed that TRF2, GFZF and M1BP co-occupy the promoters of TRF2-regulated genes. U...Continue Reading

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