DOI: 10.1101/518621Jan 11, 2019Paper

Molecular evolution across developmental time reveals rapid divergence in early embryogenesis

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Asher D CutterLei Sun


Ontogenetic development hinges on the changes in gene expression in time and space within an organism, suggesting that the demands of ontogenetic growth can impose or reveal predictable pattern in the molecular evolution of genes expressed dynamically across development. Here we characterize co-expression modules of the C. elegans transcriptome, using a time series of 30 points from early-embryo to adult. By capturing the functional form of expression profiles with quantitative metrics, we find fastest evolution in the distinctive set of genes with transcript abundance that declines through development from a peak in young embryos. These genes are highly enriched for oogenic function (maternal provisioning), are non-randomly distributed in the genome, and correspond to a life stage especially prone to inviability in inter-species hybrids. These observations conflict with the “early conservation model” for the evolution of development, though expression-weighted sequence divergence analysis provides some support for the “hourglass model.” Genes in co-expression modules that peak toward adulthood also evolve fast, being hyper-enriched for roles in spermatogenesis, implicating a history of sexual selection and relaxation of select...Continue Reading

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Embryonic Development
Biological Evolution
Gene Expression
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Sperm Cell
Caenorhabditis elegans

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