DOI: 10.1101/518357Jan 13, 2019Paper

Molecular framework for TIR1/AFB-Aux/IAA-dependent auxin sensing controlling adventitious rooting in Arabidopsis

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Abdellah LakehalCatherine Bellini


In Arabidopsis thaliana , canonical auxin-dependent gene regulation is mediated by 23 transcription factors from the AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR (ARF) family interacting with 29 auxin/indole acetic acid repressors (Aux/IAA), themselves forming coreceptor complexes with one of six TRANSPORT INHIBITOR1/AUXIN-SIGNALLING F-BOX (TIR1/AFB) PROTEINS. Different combinations of co-receptors drive specific sensing outputs, allowing auxin to control a myriad of processes. Considerable efforts have been made to discern the specificity of auxin action. However, owing to a lack of obvious phenotype in single loss-of-function mutants in Aux/IAA genes, most genetic studies have relied on gain-of-function mutants, which are highly pleiotropic. Using loss-of-function mutants, we show that three Aux/IAA proteins interact with ARF6 and/or ARF8, which we have previously shown to be positive regulators of AR formation upstream of jasmonate, and likely repress their activity. We also demonstrate that TIR1 and AFB2 are positive regulators of adventitious root formation and suggest a dual role for TIR1 in the control of JA biosynthesis and conjugation, as revealed by upregulation of several JA biosynthesis genes in the tir1-1 mutant. We propose that in the p...Continue Reading

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