Apr 22, 2020

Multi-parametric analysis of 58 SYNGAP1 variants reveal impacts on GTPase signaling, localization and protein stability

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F. MeiliKurt Haas


SYNGAP1 is a Ras and Rap GTPase with important roles in regulating excitatory synaptic plasticity. While many SYNGAP1 missense and nonsense mutations have been associated with intellectual disability, epilepsy, schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorder (ASD), there are many variants of unknown significance (VUS). In this report, we characterize 58 variants in nine assays that examine multiple aspects of SYNGAP1 function. Specifically, we used multiplex phospho-flow cytometry to measure the impact of variants on pERK, pGSK3{beta} and pCREB and high-content imaging to examine their subcellular localization. We find variants ranging from complete loss-of-function (LoF) to wildtype (WT)-like in their ability to regulate pERK and pGSK3{beta}, while all variants retain at least partial ability to regulate pCREB. Interestingly, our assays reveal that a high percentage of variants located within the disordered domain of unknown function that makes up the C-terminal half of SYNGAP1 exhibited LoF, compared to the more well studied catalytic domain. Moreover, we find protein instability to be a major contributor to dysfunction only for two missense variants both located within the catalytic domain. Using high-content imaging, we find var...Continue Reading

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