DOI: 10.1101/511238Jan 3, 2019Paper

Multiplexed, sequential secretion analysis of the same single cells reveals distinct effector response dynamics dependent on the initial basal state

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Zhuo ChenRong Fan


The effector response of immune cells dictated by an array of secreted proteins is a highly dynamic process, requiring sequential measurement of all relevant proteins from single cells. Herein we show a microchip-based, 10-plexed, sequential secretion assay on the same single cells and at the scale of ~5000 single cells measured simultaneously over 4 time points. It was applied to investigating the time course of single human macrophage response to Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) ligand lipopolysaccharide and revealed four distinct activation modes for different proteins in single cells. In particular, we observed that secreted factors regulated by transcription factor NFB (e.g., TNF and CCL2) predominantly show on-off mode over off-on mode. The dynamics of all proteins combined classified the cells into two major activation states, which were found to be dependent on the basal state of each cell. Single-cell RNA-Seq was performed on the same samples at the matched time points and further demonstrated at the transcriptional level the existence of two major activation states, which are enriched for translation vs inflammatory programs, respectively. These results showed a cell-intrinsic heterogeneous response in phenotypically homog...Continue Reading

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