PMID: 67144May 1, 1977

Murine plasma cells secreting more than one class of immunoglobulin heavy chain. II. SAMM 368--a plasmacytoma secreting IgG2b-kappa and IgA-kappa immunoglobulins which do not share idiotypic determinants

The Journal of Immunology : Official Journal of the American Association of Immunologists
H C MorseR Asofsky


SAMM 368 is a BALB/c plasmacytoma which secretes IgG2b-kappa and IgA-kappa paraproteins. Immunofluorescence studies of ascites cells from the tumor with purified, heavy chain class-specific antiglobulins demonstrate that single cells contain both IgG2 and IgA heavy chains. Idiotypic antisera prepared in mice and rabbits indicate that the two paraproteins produced by the tumor do not share idiotypic determinants. Analysis of the purified paraproteins for allotype markers showed that SAMM 368 IgA bears the BALB/c A12,13,14 determinants. SAMM 368 IgG2b does not carry any detectable allotypic determinants in spite of the fact that heterologous antisera identify the paraprotein as IgG2b.

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