Mutational profiling of micro-dissected pre-malignant lesions from archived specimens

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D. NachmansonOlivier Harismendy


Background: Systematic cancer screening has led to the increased detection of pre-malignant lesions (PMLs). The absence of reliable prognostic markers can lead to inadequate treatment resulting in unnecessary stress or avoidable progression. Importantly, most mutational profiling studies have relied on PML synchronous to invasive cancer, or performed in patients without outcome information, hence limiting their utility for biomarker discovery. The limitations in comprehensive mutational profiling of PMLs are in large part due to the significant technical and methodological challenges: most PML specimens are small, fixed in formalin and paraffin embedded (FFPE) and lack matching normal DNA. Methods: Using test DNA from a highly degraded FFPE specimen, multiple targeted sequencing approaches were evaluated, varying DNA input amount (3-200 ng), library preparation strategy (BE: Blunt-End, SS: Single-Strand, AT: A-Tailing) and target size (whole exome vs cancer gene panel). Variants in high-input DNA from FFPE and mirrored frozen specimens were used for PML-specific variant calling training and testing, respectively. The resulting approach was applied to profile and compare multiple regions micro-dissected (mean area 5 mm2) from 3 ...Continue Reading

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