DOI: 10.1101/459701Nov 1, 2018Paper

Natural avirulent Shigella boydii strain in the Brazilian Amazon lacks major virulence genes and present Type II, Type III and Type VI Secretion Systems

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Paula Taquita SerraPatrícia Puccinelli Orlandi


Background: Among Shigella species, Shigella boydii has always displayed a smaller role to the overall Shigella burden, frequently placed at third in epidemiological studies and described as restricted to Southeast Asia. Here we characterize an S. boydii isolated from an epidemiological study enrolling 1,339 Brazilian children from the Amazon region, in which Shigella species solely was the fourth cause of bacterial diarrhea. S. boydii strain 183 was isolated from rotavirus co-infected children with acute diarrhea. Here we aimed to characterize this strain regarding virulence and, immune response in a pulmonary model. Methods: An in vitro HEp-2 epithelial cell invasion assay was used to compare the invasive phenotype of S. boydii strain 183 with clinical and highly virulent S. flexneri strain, both isolated from Brazilian children. A murine pulmonary model was performed to assess lung damage by histopathological analysis. mRNA expression of immune response key genes was retrieved by multiplex real-time PCR and correlations were obtained by network analysis. Broad genome analysis was performed to confirm S. boydii identity and define its virulence profile. Results: S. boydii strain 183 showed fewer invasion rates in vitro and ti...Continue Reading

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