PMID: 3793939Nov 1, 1986Paper

Necropsy study of infarcts of prostate and prostatic urethra

Journal of Clinical Pathology
T J Jones, A J Howie


A prospective study of 100 prostate glands taken at necropsy showed evidence of vascular disorders in 14. In 12 cases there was oedema, haemorrhage, or necrosis of the anterior wall of the prostatic urethra, and in two there was more extensive central infarction. There had been a period of hypotension in all 14 cases, at least 12 had had urethral catheterisation, and seven had had an operation within a month of death, four of which were for repairs of ruptured aortic aneurysm. Affected glands were the same size as a group of unaffected glands. We suggest that the prostatic urethra is at risk of ischaemia in hypotensive patients with a urethral catheter. This may be a contributory factor in urethral strictures after cardiovascular surgery.

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