Nov 13, 2019

Neutrophil activation causes tumor regression in Walker 256 tumor-bearing rats

Scientific Reports
Wilson Mitsuo Tatagiba KuwabaraJosé Cipolla-Neto


The role of neutrophils in cancer is still very contradictory. Several studies have demonstrated the cytotoxic capacity of neutrophils against different types of tumors, by releasing inflammatory cytokines, ROS and activating other immune cells. On the other hand, recent papers have claimed the protumorigenic action of neutrophils, mainly by changing their phenotype and producing cytokines that promote tumor growth. In this context, this study aimed to evaluate neutrophil action and function during tumor development. To do so, we used male Wistar rats inoculated with Walker 256 breast carcinoma. Tumor, circulating neutrophils and bone marrow were studied in the following time points after tumor inoculation: 12 h, 24 h, 48 h, 3 d, 5 d, 7 d, 10 d, and 14 d, in order to analyze neutrophil migration kinetics, circulating neutrophil phenotype and bone marrow response to the tumor growth. Herein, our results demonstrated that W256T was unable to trigger an intratumoral inflammatory response after 5 days of tumor development and consequently, from that point on, prevented neutrophil migration to its microenvironment. Also, the tumor changed circulating neutrophil phenotype by up-regulating inflammation-related genes. Even though circu...Continue Reading

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