DOI: 10.1101/475699Nov 23, 2018Paper

NGOMICS-WF, a Bioinformatic Workflow Tool for Batch Omics Data Analysis

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Weizhong Li


In recent years, high throughput next generation omics data have been broadly used in many research fields. However, analyzing omics data is still very challenging, especially for researchers with less experience in bioinformatics, software, and programming. Omics data analysis workflows usually are composed of many processes involving different software tools that demand different compute resources. So, it is often difficult to perform a full workflow in an automated way, despite that many computational tools and resources are available. Here I present NGOMICS-WF, a lightweight workflow tool for batch omics data analysis. This workflow tool has been used in several projects. It can assist researchers to configure and run workflows for various types of omics data on Linux computers or Linux computer clusters. The software package is available from In addition to the workflow tool, several pre-configured workflows that were tested and published are also available in the package. These pre-configured workflows can be directly used or be used as templates to configure new workflows to analyze metagenomic, metatranscriptomic, RNA-seq and 16S data.

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