DOI: 10.1101/460790Nov 4, 2018Paper

Non-invasive ultrasound quantification of Scar Tissue Volume predicts functional changes during tendon healing

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Jessica E AckermanAlayna E Loiselle


Tendon injuries are very common and disrupt the transmission of forces from muscle to bone, leading to impaired function and quality of life. Successful restoration of tendon function after injury is a challenging clinical problem due to the pathological, scar-mediated manner in which tendons heal. Currently, there are no standard treatments to modulate scar tissue formation and improve tendon healing. A major limitation to the identification of therapeutic candidates has been the reliance on terminal end-point metrics of healing in pre-clinical studies, which require a large number of animals and result in destruction of the tissue. To address this limitation, we have identified quantification of Scar Tissue Volume (STV) from ultrasound imaging as a longitudinal, non-invasive metric of tendon healing. STV was strongly correlated with established endpoint metrics of gliding function including Gliding Resistance (GR) and Metatarsophalangeal (MTP) Flexion Angle. However, no associations were observed between STV and tensile mechanical properties. To define the sensitivity of STV to identify differences between functionally discrete tendon healing phenotypes, we utilized S100a4 haploinsufficient mice (S100a4GFP/+), which heal with...Continue Reading

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