Jul 1, 1975

Nonachlasine--a new drug for treatment of ischemic heart disease

N V KaverinaA I Basaeva


Data on the pharmacology of a new antianginal drug--Nonachlasine--are presented. Nonachlasine was found to increase the blood flow intensively and for long periods of time, increasing the oxygen reserve of the myocardium, thus increasing the cardiac output and the contractile function of the heart. The prevailing action of Nonachlasine on the blood supply and the function of the myocardium seems to be the result of several mechanisms: decreasing resistance of the coronaries due to the activation of the beta2-adrenergic structures; influence upon the extravascular factors of the regulation of the coronary circulation (changes in the metabolism and cardiac activity due to the excitation of the beta-adrenergic structures). The mechanism of the positive effect of Nonachlasine upon the blood supply and function of the heart is connected with its action on the adrenergic processes. The drug accumulates noradrenaline in the myocardium and increases the activity of phosphorilase-a. This coincides in time with the increased blood supply and contractile capacity of the heart. The beta-adrenoblocking agents prevent these effects. It was postulated that the effect of Nonachlasine in the blood supply and the activity of the heart is connect...Continue Reading

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