PMID: 2422051Jan 1, 1986Paper

Normal and abnormal aspects of proteinuria. Part I: Mechanisms, characteristics and analyses of urinary protein. Part II: Clinical considerations

Experimental Pathology
E P Lillehoj, M D Poulik


Part I highlights the mechanisms of glomerular filtration and tubular reabsorption of plasma proteins, selected characteristics of urinary proteins based upon electrophoretic properties and recent advances in clinical laboratory analysis of proteinuria. Both structural characteristic of the glomerular capillary wall and molecular properties of plasma proteins are important determinants of glomerular filtration. Proteins filtered by the glomerulus subsequently appear in urine only after escaping the efficient mechanisms of tubular reabsorption. Albumin is one such protein and constitutes the major protein in normal urine although trace amounts of alpha, beta, and gamma globulins are also detectable. Several techniques of protein analysis have thus been developed to specifically measure albumin as well as other plasma proteins. Other methods have been adapted to measure total urinary protein content enabling the clinician to readily monitor renal function in health and disease. The second part of this review will consider conditions associated with proteinuria in both asymptomatic individuals and patients with renal disease. Asymptomatic proteinuria encompasses states of excess protein excretion during conditions of orthostasis, ...Continue Reading


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