Jul 1, 1977

Normal values in a routine ENG test

Acta Oto-laryngologica
S Vesterhauge, P Kildegaard Larsen


A total of 50 normal subjects were examined by electronystagmography for spontaneous and positional nystagmus. In this way the normal limit of the speed of the slow phase was determined to be 6.5 degrees/sec. By examining 15 of the subjects twice, the normal limit of the mean value of the two results was determined to be 4.5 degrees/sec. Forty-nine of the subjects were calorically tested, using 30 degrees and 44 degrees C stimulation. The results were calculated as indices expressing the degree of unilateral hypofunction and directional preponderance relative to the total caloric excitability. The results were evaluated for the duration of and for the maximum eye speed of the slow phase. The normal limits were determined as the mean value +/- twice the standard deviation. Our results indicate that a left-side hypofunction is a normal phenomenon and that duration and maximum eye speed of the slow phase reflect different aspects of the vestibular function.

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