Mar 1, 1978

Normalization of bundle branch block patterns by distal His bundle pacing. Clinical and experimental evidence of longitudinal dissociation in the pathologic his bundle

Nabil El-SherifC Wyndham


Clinical and experimental observations in which bundle branch block patterns (BBBP) in ECG leads were normalized by distal His bundle (H) pacing are reported. The clinical material includes four patients with acute right BBBP secondary to anterior wall myocardial infarction and three patients with chronic left BBBP. Six of the seven patients had a prolonged H-V interval (60-85 msec) including three who showed evidence of an intra-H conduction delay (IHCD) with split H (H and H'). Distal H pacing from a right-sided electrode catheter normalized the BBBP with a stimulus-to-QRS (PI-V) interval 20-35 msec shorter than the H-V interval and almost identical to the H'-V interval in the three patients with documented IHCD. In 18 dogs ligation of the anterior septal artery resulted in IHCF with split H associated with right or left BBBP. Distal H pacing from catheter and/or plunge wire electrodes normalized the BBBP in 12 experiments (67%) with a PI-V interval identical to the H'-V interval. H pacing was selective and direct stimulation of myocardium was excluded by monitoring the high ventricular septal electrogram. The clinical and experimental observations are discussed as evidence that functional longitudinal dissociation is probabl...Continue Reading

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