Novel genome-wide associations for suicidality in UK Biobank, genetic correlation with psychiatric disorders and polygenic association with completed suicide.

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Rona StrawbridgeDaniel J Smith


Background: Suicide is a major issue for global public health. Suicidality describes a broad clinical spectrum of thoughts and behaviours, some of which are common in the general population. Methods: UK Biobank recruited ~0.5 million middle age individuals from the UK, of whom 157,000 completed an assessment of suicidality. Mutually exclusive groups were assessed in an ordinal genome-wide association study of suicidality: "no suicidality" controls (N=83,557); "thoughts that life was not worth living" (N=21,063); "ever contemplated self-harm" (N=13,038); "an act of deliberate self-harm in the past" (N=2,498); and "a previous suicide attempt" (N=2,666). Linkage of UK Biobank to death certification records identified a small sub-group of "completed suicide" (N=137). Outcomes: We identified three novel genome-wide significant loci for suicidality (on Chromosomes 9, 11 and 13) and moderate-to-strong genetic correlations between suicidality and a range of psychiatric disorders, most notably depression (rg 0.81). Higher polygenic risk scores for suicidality were associated with increased risk of completed suicide relative to controls in an independent sub-group (N=137 vs N=5,330, OR 1.23, 95%CI 1.06 to 1.41, p=0.03). Rs598046-G (chrom...Continue Reading

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