Novel human mPGES-1 inhibitors identified through structure-based virtual screening

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry
Adel HamzaChang-Guo Zhan


Microsomal prostaglandin E synthase-1 (mPGES-1) is an inducible prostaglandin E synthase after exposure to pro-inflammatory stimuli and, therefore, represents a novel target for therapeutic treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory disorders. It is essential to identify mPGES-1 inhibitors with novel scaffolds as new leads or hits for the purpose of drug design and discovery that aim to develop the next-generation anti-inflammatory drugs. Herein we report novel mPGES-1 inhibitors identified through a combination of large-scale structure-based virtual screening, flexible docking, molecular dynamics simulations, binding free energy calculations, and in vitro assays on the actual inhibitory activity of the computationally selected compounds. The computational studies are based on our recently developed three-dimensional (3D) structural model of mPGES-1 in its open state. The combined computational and experimental studies have led to identification of new mPGES-1 inhibitors with new scaffolds. In particular, (Z)-5-benzylidene-2-iminothiazolidin-4-one is a promising novel scaffold for the further rational design and discovery of new mPGES-1 inhibitors. To our best knowledge, this is the first time a 3D structural model of the open...Continue Reading


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