PMID: 410812Nov 25, 1977

Nucleotide sequence of an arginine transfer ribonucleic acid from bacteriophage T4

The Journal of Biological Chemistry
G P MazzaraC Guthrie


The nucleotide sequence of a phage T4-coded low molecular weight RNA, previously designated polyacrylamide gel band epsilon, has been determined. This RNA can be arranged in the cloverleaf configuration common to tRNAs, with an anticodon sequence, U-C-U, which corresponds to the arginine-specific codons A-G-A and A-G-G; it is therefore assumed to be an arginine tRNA. The complete nucleotide sequence of this RNA species is: pG-U-C-C-C-G-C-U-G-G-U-G-U-A-A-U-Gm2'-G-A-D-A-G-C-A-U-A-C-G-A-U-C-C-U-U-C-U-A-A-G-psi-U-U-G-C-G-G-U-C-C-U-G-G-T-psi-C-G-A-U-C-C-C-A-G-G-G-C-G-G-G-A-U-A-C-C-AOH. The nucleotide sequence was determined by analysis of RNA, uniformly labeled in vivo, according to the conventional techniques. In addition, RNA synthesized in vitro in the presence of alpha-32P-labeled nucleoside triphosphates was analyzed through the use of nearest neighbor sequencing techniques. Although a unique sequence could not be determined by this latter analysis, restrictions on the sequence imposed by nearest neighbor data and secondary structure common to tRNA molecules allowed prediction of the correct nucleotide sequence.

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