Feb 7, 2001

Nutritional regulation of IGF-I expression during brain development in mice

Pediatric Research
A S CalikogluA J D'Ercole


Although brain injury induced by undernutrition during early life is well described, the mechanisms that mediate the effects of undernutrition on brain development are not known. IGF-I plays an important role in the stimulation of postnatal somatic and brain growth. We have shown that IGF-I overexpression in brain ameliorates the effects of undernutrition on early postnatal brain growth, and thus, we postulated that alterations in IGF-I expression or action mediate the pathogenesis of malnutrition-induced brain injury. To begin to address this issue we evaluated the influence of undernutrition on brain IGF-I expression during early postnatal development in mice. Undernutrition was induced in mice by separating half of the pups in each litter from their lactating dams for a defined period each day. Pups were killed at postnatal day (P) 7, P14, P21, and P28. The changes in IGF-I mRNA were quantified by ribonuclease protection assay. At P7 IGF-I mRNA abundance in undernourished animals was increased in cerebral cortex (223% of controls), but decreased in diencephalon (36% of controls). At P14, IGF-I mRNA abundance was increased in diencephalon (230% of controls). Although there were no other statistically significant alterations o...Continue Reading

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