DOI: 10.1101/003095Feb 27, 2014Paper

On a solution of the biodiversity paradox and a competitive coexistence principle

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Lev Kalmykov, Vyacheslav L Kalmykov


The biodiversity paradox is the central problem in theoretical ecology. The paradox consists in the contradiction between the competitive exclusion principle and the observed biodiversity. This contradiction is the key subject of the long-standing and continuing biodiversity debates. The paradox impedes our insights into biodiversity conservation. Previously we proved that due to a soliton-like behaviour of population waves complete competitors can indefinitely coexist in one closed homogeneous habitat on one and the same limiting resource under constant conditions of environment, without any trade-offs and cooperations. As this fact violates the known formulations of the competitive exclusion principle we have reformulated the principle. Here we explain why this reformulation of the principle results in a solution of the biodiversity paradox. In addition, we generalize the competitive exclusion principle. Reasoning by contradiction, we formulate a generalized principle of competitive coexistence. These principles expand theoretical basis for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

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