DOI: 10.1101/461012Nov 4, 2018Paper

On-site integrated production of cellulases and β-glucosidases by Trichoderma reesei Rut C30 using steam pretreated sugarcane bagasse

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Marcella Fernandes de SouzaAyla Sant'Ana da Silva


The high cost of commercial cellulases still hampers the economic competitiveness of the production of fuels and chemicals from lignocellulosic biomasses. This cost may be decreased by the on-site production of cellulases with the integrated use of the lignocellulosic biomass as carbon source. This integrated approach was evaluated in the present study whereby steam-pretreated sugarcane bagasse (SPSB) was used as carbon source for the production of cellulases by Trichoderma reesei Rut C30 and the produced enzymes were subsequently used for SPSB hydrolysis. An enzyme preparation with a high cellulase activity, of 1.93 FPU/mL, was obtained, and a significant β-glucosidase activity was achieved in buffered media, indicating the importance of pH control during enzyme production. The hydrolysis of SPSB with the laboratory-made mixture resulted in a glucose yield of 80%, which was equivalent to those observed for control experiments using commercial enzymes. Even though the supplementation of this mixture with external β-glucosidase from Aspergillus awamori was found to increase the initial hydrolysis rates, it had no impact on the final hydrolysis yield. It was shown that SPSB is a promising carbon source for the production of cellu...Continue Reading

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