DOI: 10.1101/480921Nov 28, 2018Paper

On the existence of mechanoreceptors within the neurovascular unit of the rodent and rabbit brain

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Jorge A Larriva-SahdLuis Concha Loyola


We describe a set of perivascular interneurons (PINs) originating a series of fibro-vesicular complexes (FVCs) throughout the gray matter of the adult rabbit and rat brain. PINs-FVCs are ubiquitous throughout the brain vasculature as defined in Golgi-impregnated specimens. Most PINs consist of small, aspiny cells with local or long (> 1 millimeter) axons that split running with arterial blood vessels. Upon ramification, axons originate FVCs around the roots of the arising vascular branches. Distally, FVCs form paired axons that run parallel to the vessel wall until another ramification ensues and a new FVC is formed. This alternating pattern ceases when the capillary diameter narrows (i.e., <8 um) and axons resolve. FVCs, as visualized by electron microscopy, consist of clusters of anastomotic perivascular bulbs (PVBs) arising from the PINs unmyelinated axon. PVBs lie alongside the pre- or -capillary wall, surrounded by end-feet and the extracellular matrix of endothelial cells and pericytes. A PVB contains mitochondria, multivesicular bodies, and granules with a membranous core similar to those observed in Meissner corpuscles and other mechanoreceptors. Some PVBs form asymmetrical, axo-spinous synapses with presumptive adjacen...Continue Reading

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