On The Organization Of Human T Cell Receptor Loci

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Amir A ToorMasoud H Manjili


The human T cell repertoire is complex and is generated by the rearrangement of variable (V), diversity (D) and joining (J) segments on the T cell receptor (TCR) loci. The T cell repertoire demonstrates selfsimilarity in terms clonal frequencies when defined by V, D and J gene segment usage; therefore to determine whether the structural ordering of these gene segments on the TCR loci contributes to the observed clonal frequencies, the TCR loci were examined for self-similarity and periodicity in terms of gene segment organization. Logarithmic transformation of numeric sequence order demonstrated that the V and J gene segments for both T cell receptor α (TRA) and β (TRB) loci were arranged in a selfsimilar manner when the spacing between the adjacent segments was considered as a function of the size of the neighboring gene segment, with an average fractal dimension of ͠1.5. The ratio of genomic distance between either the J (in TRA) or D (in TRB) segments and successive V segments on these loci declined logarithmically with a slope of similar magnitude. Accounting for the gene segments occurring on helical DNA molecules in a logarithmic distribution, sine and cosine functions of the log transformed angular coordinates of the sta...Continue Reading

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