Oct 15, 1989

On the regulation of the mitochondrial inner membrane anion channel by magnesium and protons

The Journal of Biological Chemistry
A D Beavis, M F Powers


The inner membrane of mitochondria possesses a pH-regulated anion uniporter which is activated by depletion of matrix divalent cations with A23187 (Beavis, A. D., and Garlid, K. D. (1987) J. Biol. Chem. 262, 15085-15093). It is now shown that Cl- transport through this pathway is inhibited by Mg2+ and Ca2+. There appear to be two sites for inhibition by Mg2+. One has an IC50 = 38 microM at pH 7.4 and appears to be on the inside since it is only observed in the presence of A23187 (10 nmol/mg). The other has an IC50 = 440 microM at pH 7.4 and appears to be on the outside since it is observed in mitochondria pretreated with very low doses of A23187 (0.25 nmol/mg or less) and in A23187-pretreated mitochondria washed to remove A23187. Ca2+ is found to inhibit anion uniport in the presence or absence of A23187 with an IC50 of about 17 microM. In contrast to these findings Cl- uniport, activated by addition of valinomycin to respiring mitochondria without depleting endogenous Mg2+ is found to be very insensitive to exogenous Mg2+, being inhibited with an IC50 of 3.2 mM. This is explained by examination of the pH dependence of the Mg2+ IC50 in non-respiring mitochondria. The internal IC50 is found to be pH-dependent, rising to about 25...Continue Reading

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