PMID: 21961289Oct 4, 2011Paper

On the theory of apoptotic decrease of the cell volume

A A Rubashkin


The dynamic model of membrane transport, which describes the changing of ion contents in the cell, cell volume and membrane potential, for the first time, is applied to analysis of the apoptotic processes. It is shown that increasing of permeability of K+, and Cl(-)-channels, decreasing of permeability of Na+ together with degradation of Na+/K+ pump, KCC and NC cotransporters lead to decreasing of cell U937 volume and plasma membrane depolarization at apoptosis induced by staurosporine in concentration 1 microM. The experimental data using at calculations was published in paper (Yurinskaya et al., 2010).

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Apoptosis is a specific process that leads to programmed cell death through the activation of an evolutionary conserved intracellular pathway leading to pathognomic cellular changes distinct from cellular necrosis