DOI: 10.1101/474122Nov 19, 2018Paper

Optic disc centered imaging versus quadrant imaging in retinal oximetry

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Ashwin MohanTos Berendschot


We aimed to compare intra eye quadrant variation in retinal vessel oxygen saturation in optic disc centered versus quadrant imaging. Forty two consecutive healthy subjects were included in the study. Fifty degree optic disc centered images and images of 4 quadrants (supero-temporal - ST, supero-nasal - SN, infero-nasal - IN and infero-temporal - IT) were taken. The thickest arteriole and venule were chosen in each quadrant in the optic disc centered images. For quadrant images averaged values of 3 segments of thickest arterioles and venules, each above 100µm were chosen. The intra-eye variation between quadrants for arteriolar and venous saturation (%) was compared between optic disc centered and quadrant images. Smaller vessels (70 – 100 µm) in the quadrant images were selected to study the effect of vessel calibre on oxygen saturation. Optic disc centered images gave average arteriolar saturation (%) of 90, 94, 93 and 89 and venous saturation of 58, 60, 60 and 52 in the ST, SN, IN and IT respectively. For quadrant images the average arteriolar saturation was 94, 95, 94 and 91 and the venous saturation was 62, 60, 61 and 60 in the ST, SN, IN and IT respectively. Temporally, the saturation values were significantly different (p...Continue Reading

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