PMID: 9118Sep 1, 1975

Organization and results of cadaver kidney transplantation from 1969 to 1973 (author's transl)

L'Ateneo parmense. Acta bio-medica : organo della Società di medicina e scienze naturali di Parma
J Crosnier


France transplant was founded in order to organize rationally the cadaver kidneys transport and transplantation with is omogenous compatibility tests. 2143 hemodialysis patients have been presently (1-9-72) treated in 82 dialysis center in France; 964 of them are in the France Transplant waiting list. According with recent laws, nervous function cessation is synonimous of death. That made possible, by good resuscitation techniques, to maintain a good level of circulation and oxigenation of organs. Family permit is required for this purpose. 17 medical transporttion staffs are at work in 12 France towns and cooperate with 12 typing laboratoires working with the same techniques and reagents. One permanent secretariat in Paris is always telex connected with all staffs and mantains a continuous up to date patients waiting list. 415 cadaver kidneys were transplanted, 255 in the same town and 160 trabsported from a town another. A significative rise in cold ischemia times happened recently because of the increasing number of transported kidneys.

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