DOI: 10.1101/458752Oct 31, 2018Paper

Parallel patterns of development between independent cases of hybrid seed inviability in Mimulus

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Jenn M. Coughlan, J H Willis


Rationale: The evolutionary drivers of many reproductive barriers are unknown. Hybrid seed inviability (HSI) is a common barrier in angiosperms. We test the idea that conflict between maternal and paternal interests in resource allocation to developing offspring (i.e. parental conflict) drives HSI in two independent incidences of HSI. Methods: We quantified HSI between M. guttatus and two clades of M. decorus with oppositely asymmetric HSI. In the northern, weaker-conflict clade, seeds are inviabile when M. decorus is the mother, while in the southern, stronger-conflict clade, inviability occurs when M. decorus is the father. We quantified whole-seed development for hybrids and parents to assess whether reciprocal F1 seeds show parent-of-origin dependent growth phenotypes, as predicted by conflict. Key Results: Crosses between M. guttatus and both clades of M. decorus show parent-of-origin effects on reciprocal F1 seed development. Inviable hybrid seeds exhibit paternal-excess phenotypes, wherein endosperm is large and chaotic. In contrast, viable hybrid seeds show maternal-excess phenotypes, wherein endosperm development is precocious. Main Conclusions: We find strong parent-of-origin effects on development in reciprocal F1s t...Continue Reading

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