Jul 1, 1997

Paralysis of the preterm rabbit fetus inhibits the pulmonary uptake of intraamniotic iron dextran

American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology
H L GalanR K Creasy


Whether fetal breathing movements or gasping result in the movement of amniotic fluid substances into the distal airways remains controversial. We evaluated the effect of paralysis of the preterm rabbit fetus on the pulmonary distribution of iron dextran. Laparotomy was performed on 10 New Zealand White rabbits of 25 days' gestation (term 31 days) under general anesthesia. Fetuses in one uterine horn were given an intramuscular injection of pancuronium (1.5 mg/kg) and fetuses in the other horn were given an equal volume of normal saline solution as controls. A 1 ml volume of iron dextran (100 mg/ml) was injected into the amniotic sac of all fetuses. The laparotomy was closed, and 20 to 24 hours later the fetuses were removed by hysterotomy and assessed for paralysis. Necropsy was performed. Lungs were stained with prussian blue and evaluated histologically for the presence of iron. A total of 92 pups were delivered (49 given pancuronium, 43 given normal saline solution), of which 64 were born alive. There were no differences between groups for live births (31 pancuronium, 33 normal saline solution), pup body weight, or lung weight. Pups given normal saline solution demonstrated more breathing motions, spontaneous movement, and ...Continue Reading

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