PMID: 108444May 1, 1979

Partial characterization of a fetal lung antigen associated with human bronchogenic carcinoma

Journal of the National Cancer Institute
E SegaP G Natali


A human lung tumor-associated fetal antigen (LTFA) has been partially isolated and characterized. The antigen that differs in several immunochemical parameters from previously described lung cancer antigens was shared by fetal lung and liver tissue. The neoantigen migrated in immunoelectrophoresis as an alpha2-beta globulin, had an average molecular size of 7S, and was soluble in 50% saturated ammonium sulfate. Whereas LTFA was insensitive to both DNase and RNase treatment, its antigenicity was completely abolished by pronase. The biologic significance of this antigen and its possible clinical use were discussed.

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