Jan 13, 2015

Partitioning of humic acids between aqueous solution and hydrogel. 3. Microelectrodic dynamic speciation analysis of free and bound humic metal complexes in the gel phase

Langmuir : the ACS Journal of Surfaces and Colloids
Kamuran YasadiHerman P van Leeuwen


The hydrogel/water partitioning of the various species in the cadmium(II)/soil humic acid (HA) system is studied for two types of gel, using in situ microelectrodic voltammetry. Under the conditions of this work, with HA particles of ca. 25 and 125 nm radius, the CdHA complex is shown to be close to nonlabile toward a 12.5 μm radius microelectrode. This implies that its kinetic contribution to Cd(2+) reduction at the medium/microelectrode interface is practically negligible. The polyacrylamide (PAAm) gels equilibrate with the aqueous medium under significant sorption of HA at the gel backbone/gel medium interface, which in turn leads to induced sorption of Cd(II) in the form of immobilized gel-bound CdHA. The rather high total Cd content of the PAAm gel suggests that the binding of Cd(2+) by the hydrophobically gel-bound HA is stronger than that for dispersed HA particles. Still, the intraparticulate speciation of Cd(II) over Cd(2+) and CdHA corresponds to an intrinsic stability constant similar to that for simple monocarboxylate ligands such as acetate. Alginate gels are negatively charged, and their free [Cd(aq)(2+)] is higher than that in the medium by the corresponding Donnan coefficient. On top of that, Cd(2+) is specifica...Continue Reading

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