PMID: 37763Jun 1, 1979

Pathogenesis, clinical manifestations and treatment of the "postgastrectomy-syndrome" (author's transl)

Aktuelle Gerontologie
A Neumayr, W Weiss


The incidence rate of complications in patients, who underwent stomach resection as surgical treatment procedure is rather high (20%). Postprandial syndromes (dumping syndrome, lactose-intolerance, afferent loop-syndrome), malabsorption syndromes (anemia, osteopathia, steatorrhea, protein deficiency) and late organic manifestations (anastomotic and suture ulcers, retrograde intussusception, gastric-stump carcinoma) were usually summarized as "postgastrectomy syndrome". A review of pathogenesis, symptoms and therapeutic approach for the various postoperative disorders is given. Selective proximal vagotomy as the surgical treatment procedure of choice is emphasized.

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