DOI: 10.1101/458315Oct 31, 2018Paper

Patterns of hybrid seed inviability in perennials of the Mimulus guttatus sp. complex reveal a potential role of parental conflict in reproductive isolation

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Jenn M. CoughlanJohn H Willis


Genomic conflicts may play a central role in the evolution of reproductive barriers. Theory predicts that early-onset hybrid inviability may stem from conflict between parents for resource allocation to offspring. Here we describe M. decorus; a group of cryptic species within the M. guttatus species complex that are largely reproductively isolated by hybrid seed inviability (HSI). HSI between M. guttatus and M. decorus is common and strong, but populations of M. decorus vary in the magnitude and directionality of HSI with M. guttatus. Patterns of HSI between M. guttatus and M. decorus, as well as within M. decorus conform to the predictions of parental conflict: (1) reciprocal F1s exhibit size differences and parent-of-origin specific endosperm defects, (2) the extent of asymmetry between reciprocal F1 seed size is correlated with asymmetry in HSI, and (3) inferred differences in the extent of conflict predict the extent of HSI between populations. We also find that HSI is rapidly evolving, as populations that exhibit the most HSI are each others closest relative. Lastly, while all populations are largely outcrossing, we find that the differences in the inferred strength of conflict scale positively with , suggesting that demog...Continue Reading

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